Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, December 31, 2008



I wanted to go out with a big bang in 2008 so I am having a BIG SALE EVERYTHING IS $1.00 in my store at Faith Sisters. This will not last long, just a little over 24 hours so don't miss out on this event.

Whew, since a few days before Christmas things have been crazy. What are the odds that out of three family members that all three of you would have car troubles at the same time? First it was our daughter saying she didn't think they would be able to come for Christmas as the part they needed to repair their car would have to be ordered and it was not expected to arrive before Christmas (which turned out to be the case) so we will have Christmas with them later.

Then our son had car woes too, and his depended on how expensive his would be as to weither he would be able to come for Christmas. (He did get to come)

Then on the Monday before Christmas we broke down in our SUV, well I should say we had a smoking, freezing time of it. It was the coldest day we have had around here with -22 wind chills.
We were trying to finish up last minute Christmas gifts, when the car acted up so we turned around to head for home, praying we would make it there. Well we didn't quite make it there before we had smoke poring out of the front of the truck. We are pretty sure that the engine blew or something major.

So on Monday we went looking trying to find something we could afford. We didn't want car payments and because we live in an area where you can expect snow & ice we like 4 x 4's.
So I searched the internet, made calls etc. Finally found something close and in our price range and off we went to look at it. It turned out to be just what we were looking for, YEAH!!
So here are our new wheels, a 1998 Grand Jeep Cherokee and I love it!


We had so much fun with our grandsons at Christmas even though we only saw two of them.
The oldest had a blast beating Grandpaw at shooting at a target, and the youngest takes his aiming very serious as you can see from this picture.


Well maybe things will settle down for a little bit at least I hope so as I need a little recovery time.

Oh, I also learned don't give your dog a ham bone. I made that mistake and payed for it with a sick dog for two days. I guess ham is hard on a dogs liver, well there wasn't any ham left on it. I boiled it getting it clean so it wouldn't be messy. But of course my aggressive chewer ate almost all of the bone the first night. So the next day she spent many trips outside, every woke me up in the night to take her out (which she never does) Thank goodness she seems to be over it today.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Countdown!

Nine days till Christmas and I can't believe how fast the time goes. I have loads to do yet to get ready and there are still programs we have to get through at church. It is always this way for me, I'm always a last minute shopper, although I do have a bit done due to a store that closed in our area. I have outfits for all 4 of the grandsons so I am a little bit ahead of the game. I have no clue what to buy for my husband this year. Last year I knew what I wanted to get months ahead of time and worked toward that goal, but this year I just don't know.

Well I did a kit Guest Spot for Ella Designs using "Christmas Is Here" what a fab kit this is. You will need to go check out this one there is a little bit of everything in this kit, it is stuffed with goodies.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breakfast in Bethlehem

I have neglected my blog lately there just hasn't been time to devote to it. Well I am back and I hope to keep up with it better than I have. So to get started the last few days have been extremely busy. Our church hosted Breakfast in Bethlehem today, the neighborhood was invited to breakfast and later pictures would be taken with Santa. Santa arrives as the breakfast in finishing up to tell the true story of Christmas. It was great!

I have to admit the guy in the red suit in my dd playing Santa, he did an awesome job. I even had my picture taken with Santa.

Yesterday evening we spent about 3 hours decorating the area where the children would be for their pictures to be taken with Santa. So today I was the photographer for these sessions, we thought we had everything planned well. We had two fast printers, and extra supplies of ink, paper etc. I had two memory cards and one that was used by our church camera. So you would think all would be well.......................not! My extra memory card wouldn't work with my new camera (I didn't think to check it grrrrrrrrrrrr) and the other extra had the same problem.
So I would take a picture take out the card, they would load into the printer, print and then give it back to me. We did 50 pictures that way but the kids were happy they had lots of time with Santa. Parents were happy they didn't have to pay the mall price for the pictures as they were free so the waiting wasn't so bad after all. My right leg is killing me though, I had planned on using my tripod but with having to take out the card all the time that wasn't working. So to stablilize the camera when I took the picture I was kneeling down and resting my elbow on my knee. Well this Grandmother hasn't done that many deep knee bends in a long time. I hurt already not sure what tomorrow is gonna bring. At least my back held out ok, last week I was having some back issues and had to miss church last week due to that.

My daughter is wanting to become a photographer and recently upgraded her digital camera. She has been experiment trying to build her profolio and learn how to use her camera. It had been awhile since I played around with mine so I did a bit of that this week too. I was really pleased with this one with the ring on the Bible. It even amazed me, I have a nice point & shoot camera that goes up to 12 megapixels. It is by Kodak and I love it.


On this one I love the clarity but I need to experiment some more to see what I could do with the shadow.

Well that is all for today so now I need to see if I can get some creativity going and get a new kit designed for you.